Star 4T 200cc Evoluzione

Star 4T 200cc Evoluzione
Fiyatı 6.500 TL

L’estetica di questo modello si differenzia dalle motorizzazioni precedenti, appartenente alla gamma Evoluzione, punta su design nuovi, come per le frecce, dove il supporto dell’applicazione è maggiore e la cromatura è ottimizzata, o per la sella realizzata con materiale diverso, in favore del confort, ed un aspetto ancora più vintage.

Front Headlamp

The parabola is different, resulting in greater brightness which translates into better visibility and therefore greater safety.

Front turn indicators

The transparent lens provides greater brightness and therefore makes the vehicle more visible.

Rear turn indicators

New design and chromium plating for the Star turn indicators which are brighter thanks to the transparent lens.

Chromium plated hand grips

Standard equipment chromium plated hand trips become an aesthetic detail on the new model.

Instrument Panel

New graphics for an instrument panel that renews and improves: the spy "Neutral" indicates the gear not engaged, and pressed the brake warning light indicates STOP. Two new introductions that increase driving safety.


The saddle has a new design: an even more vintage look and ensured comfort.


The new rear stoplight has a new lens and reflector located on the splash guard in order to better protect the lights.


The new 200 cubic centimetre engine, with maximum power of 8.6 kW and torque of 14.5 Nm which allow high performance at high and low rpms, is equipped with a series of catalytic converters and an innovative secondary air system which makes it Euro 3 compliant.
The FAST (Flexible Air Suction Technology) system, which makes the engine unique, was made with flexible rubber tubing mounted on a filter box which moves together with the engine, thereby avoiding clogging of the air filter and obtaining greater engine performance.
Also, the entirely new engine, which has a different weight distribution with the load distributed more on the front axle, transforms the balance of the scooter, providing a more balanced and compact. An innovative sensation that will not escape the Star 4T 200cc rider, with mileage at 50 km/litre.
The Star 4T 200cc clutch was also completely redesigned with innovative bell discs. The new clutch, which is equipped with a pressure plate with ball bearings, 5 cork channels and 4 conductors, is characterised by its ease of handling in changing gears. Finally, a new lubrication system, with external infeed, is functional to serve the cylinder head and to obtain low friction.


The frame is characterised by a brand new structure in electrowelded steel tubing which reinforces the pre-existing one-piece body configuration.
This solution provides: torsional rigidity 7 times better than a classic one-piece body frame
the possibility of lodging the engine in a more central position;
adoption of an engine support equipped with a silent-block as the frame-engine connection;
greater braking power with braking power reduced by 50%;
a new suspension calibration.
The entire structure is therefore much sturdier, more stable and less subject to oscillations and vibrations.


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