Star 4 Stroke 150cc

Star 4 Stroke 150cc
Fiyatı 6.170 TL

Star 4S is the LML last generation scooter. The new 4 stoke engine along with the timeless beauty of the manual gearbox, and everlasting design and new technical and aesthetical details, have contributed to creating a unique scooter. Available in three different horse powers 125, now with a speed of 83 km/h, 150 and 151cc, Star 4S combines tradition and innovation, with an excellent result in term of performances. The great revolution of the number one LML scooter is represented by the innovative engine that with limited consumption rates, covers up to 60 km with 1 liter, respecting the environment in a very intelligent and economic way.


The beauty of the manual gearbox and the possibility of adjusting the rpm according to the road, are feelings that only Star 4S can offer.

Air intake

Retro style and sporty functionality for the new air intake of Star 4S, positioned on the right side chassis.

Instrument panel

New design for the Star 4S speedometer that has a double speed indicator: kilometers and miles.


Wide and comfortable, the Star 4S seat is proposed with a new design and new materials, in different colors that can be customized.


Disc brake

Thanks to the disc brake the braking space drops significantly, thus assure more safety and stability while riding


Perfect visibility in all conditions thanks to the halogen light of Star 4S.


The new Star 4S is fitted with a front hub with 5 spokes, with a sporty design that significantly increases the stability of the vehicle.


Entirely designed and made by LML, the new Star 4S engine, 125, 150 and 151 cc, features a single cylinder horizontal single shaft engine with two valves for the forced air cooling and a manual 4 speed gearbox with electric and kick start. Innovative technology which means smoother riding options and top performances, with a maximum power of 6.75 KW at 6250 Rpm for the 150 and 151, and 5.84 KW at 6000 Rpm for the 125. But not only, because LML also cares about the environment and respects it: the 4 stroke engine, euro 3, can cover up to 60 km with 1 liter, with minimum CO2 emissions and very low maintenance costs.


The Star 4S chassis has a revolutionary frame configuration. An innovative structure of welded steel pipes that goes to integrate the sheet metal body configuration was conceived, with the following innovations:
A torque rigidity 7 times higher than a traditional monocoque frame;
The possibility of holding the engine in a more central position;
The use of an engine support with four silent-blocks as connection frame-engine;
Higher braking power with 50% braking space;
New suspension calibration.
The entire structure is hence sturdier, more stable and less subject to oscillations and vibrations.

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